6 May 2020

Proud supervisor moment! Francie Manhardt got her first PhD paper published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Language, Memory, and Cognition. This paper is a collaboration with Asli Ozyurek, Beyza Sumer, Kimberley Mulder and Dilay Karadoller. We show that iconicity in spatial language guides signers’ visual attention differently than that of speakers during message preparation, see this link https://doi.org/10.1037/xlm0000843


17 April 2020

Proud to have been part of the Nescio jury committee for the best language and culture research paper. Marinke van der Meer (Stedelijk Gymanisium Breda) has been voted as the ultimate winner with her work on the influence of stuttering on one’s self image.

For more information, see bit.ly/30QHZcJ


12 February 2020

Thrilled that my new article entitled “The Interplay between Emotion and Modality in the Foreign-Language Effect on Moral Decision Making” got accepted for publication in Bilingualism: Language and Cognition. Now waiting for the pre-print!

bilingualism__language and cognition

30 January 2020

Together with colleagues and students, I organized the conference Neerlandistiek in het Nieuws. We had a beautiful day with interesting lectures and inspiring workshops. Tom Lanoye was our final speaker who talked about Shakespeare.


28 January 2020

It was such a pleasure to discuss my question with dr. Ferdy Hubers today during his defence. His thesis is entitled “Two of a kind: Idiomatic expressions in native speakers and second language learners”. He took a multidisciplinary approach to investigate knowledge, representation, learning and processing of idioms.