30 January 2020

Together with colleagues and students, I organized the conference Neerlandistiek in het Nieuws. We had a beautiful day with interesting lectures and inspiring workshops. Tom Lanoye was our final speaker who talked about Shakespeare.


28 January 2020

It was such a pleasure to discuss my question with dr. Ferdy Hubers today during his defence. His thesis is entitled “Two of a kind: Idiomatic expressions in native speakers and second language learners”. He took a multidisciplinary approach to investigate knowledge, representation, learning and processing of idioms. 


23 June 2019

Got accepted at AMLaP! I will be presenting a talk and a poster on two different topics: what the role is of foreign accent and short-term exposure in speech-in-speech recognition and how background noise modifies moral decision making in an auditory setting. Moscow, see you in September!